Sandpiper Hydraulic Spreader

This versatile, self-loading skid steer attachment is ideal for spreading sand, salt/sand, lime, fertilizer, grass seeds, wheat and brome.

An agitator inside the hopper prevents bridging of material to ensure contact flow and a heavy-duty screen with 3” openings is bolted to the top to protect inside components. Material moves down through the adjustable gates at the bottom of the hopper and onto a spreader wheel that uniformly disperses the material.

Steps are positioned on both sides of the unit for easy access to and from the cab.

An Optional Sidewalk Deflector Kit allows you to spread material in two precisely measured widths keeping the material on the sidewalk or path. Set it up on the inside pegs for 30” radial spread, or the outside pegs for a 38” radial spread.
Easy to Set Up and Operate
Sandpiper Speader | SP08 on Bobcat
  • Spread material quickly and efficiently up to 30 ft.
  • Self-loading 8 or 18 cu. ft. capacity hopper with cutting edge
  • 3 adjustable gates control flow onto spreader wheel
  • Side steps for easy access to and from cab
  • 2 lift hook holes
  • Optional Sidewalk Deflector Kit with adjustable setting, limits spreading of material to 30” or 38” wide
  • Quick – Tach mounting designed to fit standard skid steer back plates
  • Hydraulic hoses and couplings allow for easy setup and loading of spreader
  • Rotating agitator helps bring material down to spreader wheel and prevents bridging of material
  • Grader blade for wear protection on self loading edge

Skid Loader Mounted Hydraulic Spreader

Available in 8 or 18 cubic foot capacities

Sandpiper Models SP08 and SP18